Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Name Change & Brushing Up

If you have been visiting me before, you can see that I've been brushing dust and changing up the old blog layout since last time to give it a cleaner look. The photo on the header has been changed out to match the name, and the profile picture along with it. The biggeste change of all is a totally new name and address for my blog! It was carefully concidered (for a looooong time), as I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to do so.. But I've been thinking about changing the name for a while now, I wanted a name on the blog which reflected what I was writing about, rather than a name I've been using online for a while. Exactly what VirgineMary was.. I think Scary Mary is a better name for the blog all over, concidering my love for the darker elements in life and what I'm blogging about. I had to make it, as that's what was available.. I added the "pinup and monster mash" to give visitors a quick idea. I'm really pleased with the change, hope that goes for you guys too;)

Scary Mary's in tha' house!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cake of Horrors....

We can't forget it's also the birthday of my love, the Halloween child <3 Let them eat cake! A deliciously, horrrrrific, circus cake!! I want to make it as a circus grave yard, with chocolate powder as grave yard dust and creepy old, tilted, tomb stones spread around on the cake. I'll add some additional creepiness with my hand painted zombie clowns coming up from their graves.. I'm sure it will be totally unresistable for your sweet tooth... Rest in peace! Moooohahahahaahha

Freaky Arrival...

Yeeeaaahhiiii!!! The props has arrived, Christmas and birthday at the same time!! Unwrapping the gory goods is just as exciting every year..:) Like last year, we got our props from Halloween Asylum. Good prices and a much better assortment than we find in the stores here! Since we're doing the Freak Show this year, we will be doing a circus themed decoration. We will be reusing old props, making what ever we can and search the shops till we get that right feel to our place;) I've been shopping some cool, reproduced, vintage circus posters from Ebay, for the walls in the hallway and outside. I also found some vintage looking popcorn bags, so everyone can have their own lil' pop corn bag of horror.. I'm planning to mix in a few "chopped of "surprises... But before you reach for that popcorn people, a gentle warning from me; watch ya sticky, little fingers..!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darker Times Approaching..


I can feel my inner ghoul is scrambeling about and waking up, as the leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground... My favourite time of the year is finally here, dark and devious All Hallows Eve;) As every year me and my man has been spending the last few weeks thinking out what and how, and finding the right props to set the scenes for our theme of the year. This year we will have a good, old fashion Carnival Freak Show going on in our tiny appartment. I think it will be a funny theme to do! We are still throwing ideas and  thinkering out everything we'll need. I think we have some good ideas to scene setters and how to get that circus feel to the place. Some things has been bought and is on it's way over the pond from the US. Can't wait to get started, making props and to slowly getting it all up:) ahah Till we get it all right and our small chattauw of darkness, once again rises from the dust.. Changing out "homy" and "cozy", to look more like a scene from a rather scary movie, or a bad dream of the kind that you really don't want to remember... I don't know why I love it so much, but to me it could be a touch of Halloween all year, and that would be just perfect:) lol

Old circus photo

Old circus photo

Old circus photo

 (All phots found via Google)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Goosebumps moment ♥

Part of the Eurovision circus madness 2010, that we've had here in Oslo over the last couple of weeks! People from all over Europe joining in to what is the largest flash mob in the world, dancing to the song Glow by the norwegian band Madcon:) LOVE!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sugarpowdered Fairytale Dolls for The Sweet Tooth;)

I found these sweet, lovely, handmade dolls at Etsy. Made by husband and wife, artists Dylan and Jo, stationed in Oregon. I love the delicate, dreamy colors, and the vintage and fairy tale like touch to them! They are all made one at the time and by order, and I'm sure with love and care;) They are available in their shop Cart Before The Horse at Etsy.

"My wife, Jo, is the designer, sculptor, and painter of our creations. I do the sewing, photography, and business end of things. I also make ridiculous videos for youtube featuring our art. Jo spent her early days wandering the barren desert of Arizona before moving to Orlando, Florida as a teenager. I grew up in Maitland, Florida and met Jo while working at a dollar movie theater with sticky floors and seats filled with talkative winos. Jo worked the concession stand and I ripped tickets, but mostly we just chain smoked with the manager out front. (We've since quit - smoking and that job.) Nineteen years later we find ourselves in Oregon with two incredible teenaged kids, a sheltie, and a homegrown art business. It doesn't get better than that." They say in an interview at Etsy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Spring Thrills and Trills...

Lovely, long, lazy easter days.. Spent in my beloved tights and hoodie, watching an endless flow of scary movies, fun movies when my dreams goes over to nightmares, and then some more scary movies when I just thought I had enough. Snacksing on chips and chocolate, which suddenly and convinient is popping out of the cabinet..

Wonderful, warm, vibrant easter Sunday, spent on a wooden bench outside the tiki bar.. All while the first, warming rays of sun hits the skin. First outdoors beer, cheers and people peeping;) An optimistic roar of Harleys and vintage cars filling the air...

A ladybugs first lazy steps, between our dobble glass windows on the toilet.. Gently released from it's winter nest, resting on my thigh before it liftes off into the chill easter evening..

The crows chased off, or maybe holding their breath.. Falling asleep to the beautiful trills of the nightingales, a gentle breeze caresses my cheek and bring promises of warmer days to come...

Chasing off the last shaddow of winter..

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